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What Is Lip Lift Surgery?

What Is Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift surgery is an operation performed in patients with a sufficient length of the upper lip. This surgery suitable for the patients with smaller upper lip than the lower lip. It is an operation that permanently lifts the upper lip and makes it appear larger. This surgery is performed by removing the skin from the base of the nose and lip at certain rates and within appropriate planning. This surgery, which can be performed under local anesthesia, is performed in approximately 30 minutes.

Can the upper lip shape be changed with these surgeries?

Upper lip shape can be changed in partial proportions with preoperative planning. In patients who want more volume in upper lift midle 1/3, this can be achieved by removing more skin from the base of the nose. In patients who want volume increase in the entire lip, the desired appearance can be achieved by extending the incision at the base of the nose a little more towards the nose wings.

Can lip lift surgery be done with nose surgery?

This surgery can be performed at the same time in patients considering rhinoplasty. However, since there may be circulation problems in the skin, especially in patients who have undergone open rhinoplasty and who want lip lift surgery shortly after the surgery this surgery is not recomended. Those who are considering surgery at different times are advised to wait for surgery or surgery is recommended at the same time.

Can lip lift surgery be combined with fıller applications?

Normally, the lower lip is slightly larger than the upper lip. Lip lift surgery is performed by preserving these proportions. However, some patients may prefer a more prominent appearance on both the lower and upper lips. In this case, fillers can be applied to both lips or only the lower lip.

Who are the suitable patients for lip lift surgery?

Patients with long upper lip distance, that is the distance between the base of the nose and the lip line, are suitable candidates for this surgery. Especially after nose surgeries, this distance may seem relatively longer. This surgery can also be performed in these patients.

Is there a scar after lip lift surgery?

Every surgical procedure leaves a scar. In this surgery, the scar is hidden at the base of the nose. However, some patients (smokers, dark-skinned patients, patients who do not regularly care for wounds, etc.) may have more obvious scars.

How is the healing process after lip lift surgery?

This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, the patient can return home immediately after the procedure. There may be edema on the lip for a few days after the procedure. The edema decreases significantly after this period. After 1 week, the patient’s stitches are removed and wound care is recommended to the patient.


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