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Eyebrow Lift

What is Brow Lift?

The effects of aging on the body are inevitable. With age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Wrinkles and sagging are seen in different parts of the body, especially the face. The first signs of aging are usually seen in the eyebrow and forehead areas.

The sagging of the eyebrows and upper eyelids can accumulate over the eyes as time passes and reach a level that makes vision difficult. The drooping of the eyebrows, which affects the facial expression very much, can also cause a tired, nervous, or tense appearance.

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What are the Brow Lift Methods?

A brow lift can be performed with surgery or with methods that do not require surgical procedures, depending on the need. Both procedures have advantages and disadvantages. Surgical methods include eyebrow suspension, classical eyebrow lifting, and endoscopic eyebrow lifting; Botox and ultherapy can be given as examples of non-surgical methods.

How Should the Ideal Eyebrow Be?

Of course, everyone has an eyebrow shape suitable for their face shape and appearance, but it is also possible to talk about the concept of “ideal eyebrow” based on general tastes.

There are ideal eyebrows according to face types. Suitable for most faces, the first two-thirds of the brow is pointing upwards, the outer one-third is slightly downward, and the inner starting point is lower than the outer end point. It is recommended that people with round faces have sharp-angled eyebrows, those with oval faces should have slightly angled eyebrows, people with long faces should have straight eyebrows, and people with square or angular faces should have arc-shaped eyebrows.

The length of the eyebrow is as important as the type of eyebrow. One of the well-known misconceptions is that the higher the eyebrow, the better it will look. This belief is not true and raised eyebrows may not suit every face.

Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that makes the face look younger and fresher.


Rejuvenation: Brow lift reduces the signs of aging, making the face look younger and more vigorous.


Eyes Appear Opener: The corrected eyebrow line makes the eyes appear lighter and livelier.


Aesthetic Harmony: Lifting the eyebrows in accordance with the facial contours provides better harmony with other parts of the face.


Long-Term Results: Brow lift results are generally long-term and permanent.


Getting Rid of a Tired Look: Droopy eyebrows can cause a tired or sad look. Eyebrow lifting eliminates this negative impression and provides a more energetic appearance.


Easier Applying Make-up: Neat eyebrows make it easier to apply make-up more smoothly and aesthetically.


Increased Confidence: As a result of brow lift surgery, patients generally feel more self-confident and can move more easily in social life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The permanence of brow lift surgery may vary depending on the patient's tissue structure, aging process and the surgical technique used.


The duration of effect of this surgery can generally vary from 1 to 2 years to 20 years. Especially the results obtained with the direct method just above the eyebrow may be longer lasting.

Botox brow lift is performed using a substance called botulinum toxin, and the results usually become more noticeable within a few days after the procedure. Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles, allowing the eyebrows to lift upwards. This reduces wrinkles around the eyes and gives the eyebrows a more youthful and vigorous appearance.

Eyebrow lift surgery can be performed on many people who want to improve the appearance of their eyebrows for different reasons. This procedure may be considered in situations such as:

Signs of Aging: In cases where eyebrows sag or fall due to signs of aging, eyebrow lift surgery may be considered.

Hereditary Conditions: This surgery may be an option for people who have hereditary problems with thickening or sagging eyebrows due to family history.

Functional Problems: Excessive sagging of the eyebrows can restrict the field of vision, and therefore eyebrow lift surgery may be considered when it creates a functional problem.

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