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Rope Applications

What are rope applications?

The main causes of wrinkles and sagging in the face and neck area as we age are the decrease in collagen in the skin, the loss of volume of subcutaneous fat tissue, and gravity. Wrinkles and sagging in the face and neck area, where the signs of aging are first seen, are removed in a short time with the non-surgical method of a thread facelift, that is, “Rope Suspension”. mouth and lip

This method, which is effective in sagging and wrinkles around the eyelids and face, is applied to every part of the body. During the procedure, developed forms of special threads, which can dissolve in the body and are generally used in surgeries, are used. Tension is provided by the reaction of the tissues to the threads. Thus, the sagging appearance is eliminated. The thread hanging process, which shows the effect of youth immediately after the procedure, helps the person to look 5-10 years younger. In addition, it does not cause any change in the facial expression and mimics of the person.

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Depending on the properties of the threads used during the facelift process, it is also called Contour Lift, Silhouette Lift, French Hanger, Aptos Thread Lift, Spider Web Aesthetics. Thread hanging is used especially for sagging cheeks and chin appearance to bring the areas that have lost their elasticity back to their original position. Thanks to this procedure, which is minimally inserted under the skin, the results provide permanence for about 2 years. After anesthesia, the thread stretching technique can be completed within 30 minutes.

It takes a very short time for the patient to return to daily activities after the procedure. This process is applied to people who do not have very dense sagging and deep lines. A thread lift, which can be applied regardless of men or women, is generally applied to people between the ages of 35 and 60, who want to look younger and more dynamic, but do not need a serious and open facelift operation because they do not have a serious loss of elasticity on their face.


Mild swellings and bruises may occur in the area and a feeling of tension may occur in the same areas. It is necessary to be very careful against trauma, especially in the first week after the procedure. In ropes where the carrying force of the hangers is limited, breakage may occur and asymmetries may occur.

Rope Applications

Thread applications are an aesthetic procedure used for skin renewal and tightening.


Skin Tightening: Thread applications can help alleviate sagging and loosening of the skin. It is especially effective in tightening the skin on the face, neck and body areas.


Wrinkle Reduction: Thread treatments can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the facial area.


Natural Results: Thread applications can provide natural tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. They do not give the person an artificial or excessive appearance.


Fast Recovery: Thread treatments are generally minimally invasive and can offer a faster recovery time compared to surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thread applications are an aesthetic method used to reduce skin sagging and scars that occur over time due to the effect of gravity, to support the subcutaneous muscles and to give the skin a younger and tighter appearance. This procedure is performed minimally invasively and does not require surgical intervention. During the procedure, thin threads are placed under the skin and tighten the skin by pulling it upwards.


In this way, the skin gains a younger and more vibrant appearance, and also prevents future sagging and line formation. Thread applications have become a popular aesthetic option with their fast recovery times and natural results.

Experts have recently been recommending collagen therapies instead of botox, and there are various reasons for this recommendation.

The main reasons for this are that collagen is found in the body's natural structure and is more easily accepted by the body, and it is one of today's healthy and natural beauty methods. Especially fish collagen is more preferred than botox.

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