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Double Aesthetics

What is jowl aesthetics?

Double chin aesthetics is actually a broad concept and includes many components. To understand this, it is necessary to define the jowl region first. The jowl area (known in medicine as the submental area) refers to the upper region of the lower neck of the chin. There may be different situations that disturb the patient in this area. These are:

Excess fat in the jowl area,
Relaxation of the muscles that support the jowl area by wrapping it like a hammock,
Sagging due to loss of skin elasticity,Enlargement of the salivary glands under the chin,
Appearance disorders due to developmental problems of the jawbone
Correction of the above-mentioned conditions provides a late appearance and reveals the jaw line.

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What are the surgical options in chin aesthetics?


It is necessary to plan the operation according to the person. Patients’ complaints of “I have excess fat”, often pointing to the jowl, may not be due to excess fat. In young patients, fat accumulation in the jowl area can be done by removing fat by liposuction method. Since the skin is young and elastic in this patient group, adaptation is much better.

However, liposuction alone may not be sufficient in elderly patients. Because if the skin elasticity is not enough after the fat removal process, the skin will not be able to adapt, and sagging will continue. These patients may need a neck lift.

Submental Lipectomy

If the muscle called the platysma muscle, which provides support by wrapping the neck like a hammock, is loose and the fat tissue underneath is excessive; By making an incision of approximately 2-3 cm from the chin fold, the fat tissue under this muscle is removed and the muscle is tightened.

Partial removal of salivary gland

Although patients in the neck may not realize it, the chin contour may be disturbed by the excess salivary gland under the chin. During the submental lipectomy procedure, some of these tissues are carefully removed.

Neck stretching

It can be said that neck lift surgery is a combination of the operations mentioned above. Skin sagging is performed by entering through an incision line extending from the front of the ear to the back of the scalp and/or by removing the skin tissue cut 2-3 cm under the chin, tightening the loosened muscle, and removing the sub-muscular fat tissue, if any. Neck lift patients should be looked at holistically. Most of the patients who come with only a neck lift request also have sagging facial tissues and face lift surgery is also required.

Jaw Prostheses

The jowl region comes to the fore in patients with a back chin; The angle that should be between the neck and chin widens and the patient seems to have an excessive jowl area. Just making the chin prosthesis and chin fillings allow the chin tip to appear in the front will bring the appearance of the jowl back to normal. Differential chin prostheses (silicone, medpor, etc.) are placed on the chin with the help of an incision made from the inside of the mouth or under the chin.

Double chin Aesthetics

Double chin surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to remove excess fat or sagging in the chin and neck area.


Chin and Neck Tightening: Double chin aesthetics can help the face gain a younger and tighter appearance by making the jaw line more prominent.


Sagging and Fat Removal: It helps reduce sagging under the chin by removing excess skin and fat tissue.

Aesthetic Improvement: It corrects the person’s facial profile and can provide a more balanced appearance.

Increased Self-Confidence: Gaining a more attractive appearance can increase the patient’s self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

When liposuction is a procedure that aims to remove fat from the jowl area, a small incision is usually applied. Through this incision, a thin cannula or tube is directed to the chin area and excess fatty tissue is absorbed. This procedure may also be called double chin aesthetics or liposuction surgery, and the recovery process can take approximately 1 month.

Double chin aesthetics is an aesthetic procedure that is permanent and does not need to be repeated as long as the person pays attention to his lifestyle. This process can be permanent, but one must take some precautions to ensure the results are long-lasting. Especially weight control is an important factor at this point.

Although the double chin problem is generally associated with excess weight, it is a condition that can occur regardless of age and weight factors. Ironically, sometimes sagging and loosening can occur in the chin area even in people who have ideal weight or are underweight. This may be due to different reasons, such as decreased skin elasticity or genetic factors.

Double chin aesthetics may be an option to correct or eliminate such sagging. However, it is important to pay attention to the person's lifestyle after this procedure, because sagging problems in the chin area may reoccur. Therefore, paying attention to weight control and healthy living habits in the period following the double chin aesthetic operation can support the long-term success of the operation.

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