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Fat Injection

What is Fat Injection?

Fat injection is the transfer of fat cells taken from one place to another place with a needle. The location where it is taken is usually the abdomen. The given fat cells continue to live in their new location and act as a filling material there.


The success of fat injection depends on the survival of the given cells. If the given cells die, the entire filling effect disappears after a few weeks. In short, dead fat melts.

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How is the process done?

There are many different techniques and tools for fat injection. Basically, fat is removed with special liposuction injectors and transferred to another injector and injected into new locations. In both stages, there is no need to make any incisions or stitches, and local anesthesia is sufficient.

What Does the Success of the Transaction Depend on?

The success of this process depends entirely on the tools and technique used. Until recent years, it was almost a rule that fats melted. However, there has been a serious progress in the last few years and now the probability of keeping the fats given has increased significantly.


For example, the inside of the needle I use to extract oils is specially prepared and gold-plated. The aim is to fix any metal burrs that may be inside the cannula and to cover the surface with the alloy that will cause the least damage to the cells, that is, gold.


There are many details such as ensuring that the removed cells do not come into contact with air, the size of the syringes into which the oils are administered, and the pressure you apply. But the most important thing is the tools and I’m sure the fat I lose without them would melt away.

Fat Injection

Fat injection is a medical procedure that involves removing fatty tissue from a person’s body and then injecting it into desired areas.


Natural Look: Fat injection can help a person achieve a more natural and harmonious look by using their own body fat. For this reason, it may be preferred over fillers or synthetic materials.

Fullness and Contour: Fat injection can be used to add fullness to desired areas or improve body contours. It is especially commonly applied to areas such as the face, lips, breasts, hips and hands.


Good Tolerability: Fat injection reduces the risk of tissue rejection or allergic reactions because the person’s own fat is usually used. Therefore, it is well tolerated by most patients.


Permanent Results: The results of fat injection are usually permanent because the person’s own fat is used. However, in some cases more than one session may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The permanence of fat injection results may vary depending on a number of factors. These factors may differ depending on the surgical instruments and cannulas used, the way the fat is obtained and administered, the transfer of the fat through various processes, and the area from which the fat is removed. In general, it is observed that approximately 40% of the fat injection results can be preserved permanently after 6 months. However, this rate may vary depending on how the person's body reacts, factors affecting the persistence of fat tissue, and the person's lifestyle.

Half of the injected fat is permanent, so fat injections are generally considered and applied as two separate sessions. The effect achieved after two sessions can last for years. However, it is important to leave at least 4 to 6 months between sessions.

Are there any harms to the procedure? Since fat injection is a material obtained entirely from the person's own tissue, it does not pose any risk of allergic reactions like other synthetic filling materials.

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