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Genital Aesthetics

Parts that make up the genital structure

  • vagina
  • Big lips (Labium majus)
  • Small lips (Labium minus)
  • Hymen (Hymen)
  • Upper part of the lips-top region (Mons pubis)

The deformities experienced in these parts of the genital area not only cause an aesthetically bad appearance; It also causes problems such as insecurity, inadequacy in sexuality, dissatisfaction, or shame in women. However, although a significant part of women are aware of their aesthetic concerns, they cannot express them easily, they seek solutions alone and experience serious stress because they cannot express themselves comfortably.

Aesthetic touches to the genital area are performed by dividing them into sections. These can be grouped as follows:

Genital Estetik - Feridun Elmas

Labiaplasty (Labium aesthetics – interventions on large and small lips)

The lips called labium are the thicker and fuller parts that make up the external genitalia, that is, the large lips and the thin lips that are located more inside.

Over time, depending on personal characteristics or age-related sagging and prolongation can be seen. This causes image distortion. For example, a swimsuit may cause discomfort by being raised in the front when wearing a bikini, or it may cause difficulty or painful intercourse by closing the entrance during sexual intercourse.

With a simple operation, these elongated or sagging lips can be shortened and shaped. Hollow, relaxed lips can be plumped. After labiaplasty, the patient can easily return to his daily life. However, during the recovery period, it is necessary not to have sexual intercourse for 4-5 weeks.

Vaginoplasty (Vaginoplasty – vaginal tightening procedures)

Vaginoplasty, popularly known as vaginal aesthetics, can be performed surgically or with a laser. Vaginal aesthetics with laser is a quick procedure. Over time, enlargements are common structurally or due to vaginal births. Such deformities can cause the pleasure of sexual intercourse to decrease or disappear by both men and women. Surgical intervention is performed by removing the loosened tissue excess and narrowing and rejuvenation of the surrounding tissues.

Recently, a very short and easy method of vaginal tightening is performed with the laser method in the office environment without the need for anesthesia. So much so that the devices developed for this purpose are reaching a more advanced stage day by day, and nowadays, vaginal tightening procedures can be performed much more effectively and successfully, provided that radiofrequency waves are used after laser.

Repair of postpartum tear scars

During vaginal delivery, episiotomy can be applied, that is, some incisions can be made in order for the baby’s head to come out easily. In cases where these incisions are not repaired well, when a bad suture technique is used, or when the vagina is torn spontaneously and uncontrollably without being prepared, ugly images may remain in the genital area. It is possible to get rid of this situation, which makes women seriously unhappy.


Scar tissues can be simply removed using local anesthesia, the tissues are compared in a smooth alignment and sutured again. In the meantime, the internal tissue loosening or sagging is corrected. After vaginal aesthetics, the patient can return to his daily life immediately, but during the recovery period, sexual intercourse is prohibited for up to 6 weeks.

Mons pubis (upper vagina-lips area) plumping

They are small interventions that are easy, fast, and do not interrupt the daily life of the patient.

Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetics is a field that includes a series of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of a person’s genital area.


Increased Self-Confidence: Genital aesthetic procedures can increase a person’s self-confidence. If a person experiences discomfort in the genital area or has aesthetic concerns, these procedures can help regain self-confidence.


Personal Comfort: Genital area aesthetics can increase personal comfort. Vaginal aesthetic procedures, in particular, can help relieve physical discomfort.


Sexual Satisfaction: Some genital aesthetic procedures can increase sexual satisfaction. For example, vaginal tightening procedures may have the potential to create greater pleasure and a feeling of tightness during sexual intercourse.


Postpartum Recovery: During the postpartum period, vaginal aesthetic procedures can reduce the effects of childbirth and help restore vaginal tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Genital aesthetics includes various aesthetic procedures for the genital area. These procedures may include surgical or nonsurgical procedures that often improve the appearance or functionality of the vagina and surrounding areas.

Genital aesthetics includes various aesthetic procedures for the genital area. These procedures may include surgical or nonsurgical procedures that often improve the appearance or functionality of the vagina and surrounding areas.

Genital aesthetic procedures can result in minimal scars when performed properly and with proper care. However, as with any surgical intervention, the appearance of the scars may vary depending on the person's body structure, skin type and how carefully the surgery is performed. The incisions used in genital aesthetic procedures are usually made in small and hidden areas, so scars may be less noticeable.

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