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What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a type of rhinoplasty that requires experience and expertise for various problems that the person has depending on the race. In these surgeries, the medical approach differs according to the needs of the person. It is much more difficult surgery than other nose surgeries. A better facial profile is obtained without changing the ethnicity of the person.


What are the conditions that make Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery more difficult than other nose surgeries?
According to the ethnic race of the person, there are different problems both functionally and aesthetically. For example, the tip of the nose is flatter and wider in individuals of African-American descent.


Nose tip support has decreased. Or, in Asian individuals, the bone, cartilage structure and/or nasal tip called the nasal dorsum are flattened and heightened. In order to correct these problems, support tissues such as the ear or rib cartilage of the person are often needed. Although it is rarely used in our country, sometimes special implants designed for these conditions can be placed in the nose. However, the infection rate of these implants is high.

What are the aesthetic benefits of these surgeries?

With these surgeries, the profile is designed according to the facial proportions without changing the ethnic structure of the person. For example, the nose tip can be made higher and the base of the nose narrower in an individual whose nose is flattened and the tip support is lost. In patients with a very raised nose tip and a very short nose length, the nose can be extended and nasal rotation can be normalized.


Can these surgeries be combined with other surgeries? Yes, these surgeries can be combined with other facial aesthetic surgeries. In fact, one of the main advantages of the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery branch is that it can bring a holistic approach to the whole face due to the knowledge and experience of other aesthetic procedures.


For example; If the patient needs a more prominent appearance on the chin, cheek or forehead, extra procedures such as chin prosthesis or fat injections can be performed. Again, operations such as eyelidtemple lift, face lift can be combined with these operations.


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