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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal skin sagging caused by various reasons can be eliminated with current methods.


Abdominoplasty is an operation that involves removing the sagging abdominal skin of patients with sagging abdominal skin for various reasons. Those who are overweight and lose weight or who have had pregnancy and have sagging of the abdominal skin after delivery are the applicants.


Abdominal skin sagging may be accompanied by subcutaneous or intra-abdominal fat. Tummy tuck surgery is often combined with liposuction because reducing fat under the skin provides more aesthetically acceptable results. Liposuction is more preferred in patients who do not have sagging on the abdominal skin but have fat. Fat tissue is removed with laser or ultrasonographic assistive methods. However, if the abdominal skin is saggy or there is sagging at the sub-umbilical level, full or mini tummy tuck can be preferred in suitable patients.


In patients who are suitable for tummy tuck or liposuction, if there is a thought of pregnancy after the operation, it is preferred to bring the pregnancy forward. It is possible to get pregnant after the surgery, but it is taken forward as sagging and cracks may occur again. For our patients whose body structure is very overweight, it is recommended to change their lifestyle and lose weight first.


Because neither tummy tuck nor liposuction surgeries are done to lose weight. Basically, the aim is to improve the aesthetic appearance of our patients. Not smoking is very important, especially in tummy tuck surgery. It is very important for the wound healing process to stop smoking for 3 weeks before the surgery and 4 weeks after the surgery.


It can be combined with tummy tuck surgery by performing liposuction on the hips, abdomen, waist, knees, or areas of discomfort that have lubrication. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. First of all, it is applied to the areas where liposuction will be performed. Then the sagging abdominal skin is removed. After the abdominal skin is removed, the abdominal muscles are repaired and joined to the midline. This process makes the abdomen look flatter and tighter. There is a scar on the lower part of the abdomen that will remain in the underwear. This scar is slightly longer than the cesarean section.


Healing takes 7-10 days like classical wound healing. Drains are used to drain the blood accumulated under the abdomen. The condition of the patient is followed and these drains are removed after a few days. We ask patients to walk with a slight bow for a few days. We give our patients special corsets that they will use for about 1 month, and we invite them for controls at regular intervals.