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Temporal Lift Surgery

Temporal Lift Surgery

Temporal Lift Surgery? Why? How is it done?

Temporal lift surgery is performed in order to give this area a younger appearance by relocating the area between the eyebrow lateral border and the hairline in the upward vector. The temple area loses its tension over time due to the downward displacement of the eyebrows, eye edges and part of the middle face with age. With the relocation of this area to its former place, the aged appearance created by time in the face area leaves its place to a younger and fresher appearance.

There are different techniques for temple liftting surgery. Recently applied non-surgical thread aesthetic applications are one of them. With this application, the stretching process of patients who need minimal improvement in the temple area is completed. This application, which takes about 15-20 minutes, can be performed under local anesthesia in clinical conditions.

Another method is endoscopic temple lift surgery, which requires technical knowledge and skill, which has been used frequently recently. With this surgery, the temple area is moved upwards with a small incision made through the scalp. The operation of this technique is that the healing is much faster, as in other closed surgeries, and the scar is not obvious because it remains in the hair. 

Another surgical technique is the open technique. With this technique, the temple area is taken up by entering from the hairline. This technique is a part of the procedure that we use in combination in total face lift surgeries. If there is a need for improvement in the upper face in total face lift operations, we can perform this operation at the same time.

Is temple lift surgery permanent?

The permanence of temple lift surgery varies according to the aging status of the person. As aging will eventually continue, we can say that the permanence of this surgery is roughly 4-6 years. Conditions such as chronic diseases, smoking, rapid weight loss-gain and stress shorten the duration of permanence. On the contrary, applications such as post-operative mesotherapy, botox, collagen applications may increase the permanence period to some extent as they will improve skin quality and delay aging.

What is the recovery time like?

Recovery time is about 1 week. However, the recovery time may increase in parallel with the additional applications performed at the same time.

Who are suitable candidates for surgery?

The patient group suitable only for temple lift is actually a relatively young patient group. If there is a loosening and sagging of the entire face, a total face and neck lift is recommended. Again, the position of the eyebrow and eye edge is in place; If patients with a high brow angle (canthus) angle want an improvement beyond their expectations, the benefit of this surgery will be far below the patient’s expectation and the patient will be unhappy. 

Therefore, a good evaluation should be made in this patient group. In young patients, if the eyebrow, canthus angle is low and the vector is down, these patients can be considered as ideal patients.

What should be considered after the operation?

At the end of the operation, there are measures taken to minimize the edema and bruising of the patient. Tape and bandage application is one of them. The patient should continue this practice at the recommended times. Again, cold application treatment is started immediately after the operation, and the patient is asked to continue this application at home for a while after discharge.

During the recovery period, the patient is asked to stay away from factors that delay and impair healing, such as smoking, substances that increase bleeding (alcohol, herbal teas, blood thinners, etc.).

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