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Stem Cell Applications

Stem Cell Applications

What is the place of stem cells in cosmetic…

In cosmetic procedures, stem cells are a treatment that we frequently apply today. Stem cells are cells that can easily transform and multiply into different types of cells found in other tissues and organs. Therefore, if there is a missing cell group or connective tissue in the tissue or organ, stem cell applications can be considered a reparative and regenerative high-level treatment for these areas.

Where can stem cells be obtained from?

Stem cells are mostly obtained from embryological cord blood and bone marrow. Today we know that adipose tissue is also a tissue rich in stem cells. For this reason, the ability to obtain stem cells from adipose tissue collected from the body for cosmetic purposes has increased the use of stem cells in cosmetic applications. In addition, it is possible to obtain the cell group that produces the building blocks of the skin, called fibroblast, from the skin tissue sample taken from the skin of the person by the punch method.

The major advantage of stem cell application obtained from adipose tissue is that it can be applied immediately since cells will be obtained in a short time. In fibroblast-derived applications obtained from the skin, it is necessary to wait between 3-6 weeks.

In which areas are stem cells used in aesthetic surgery?

Since stem cell therapy is a high-level treatment that provides tissue regeneration, it can be applied in any area where there is trauma. From using it to improve wound healing or to make scars less visible, to make the skin and hair follicles more efficient before or after hair transplantation, to make the skin righter and livelier by providing regeneration, to increase the permanence of fat fillings in fat injections to the face. used in the field.

How are stem cells obtained from adipose tissue?

Stem cells from adipose tissue are performed by removing some fat tissue after anesthesia applied to areas rich in adipose tissue, such as the patient’s belly button, inside of the legs, etc. Removing adipose tissue from these areas does not cause deformation.

The obtained adipose tissue is subjected to various thinning, washing and centrifugation processes and a stem cell precursor mixture called stromal vascular fraction is obtained. The mixture obtained afterwards can be used for areas where it is needed.

Are there any side effects of this treatment?

Since the fat taken in stem cell applications is obtained from the person’s own fat tissue, it does not cause an allergic reaction in the person. Temporary pain and edema at the application sites are the most common side effects.

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