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Breast Aesthetics

Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetics is very important for most women. If the shape or size of the breast is not as desired, the person may feel unhappy and lose their self-confidence. Although breast augmentation and reduction surgeries are preferred at the beginning of breast aesthetic operations, different procedures are also performed. For example, breast lift…

Breast lift surgery means the recovery of the sagging breast form by lifting it. Breast form can deteriorate for various reasons.

We can list these reasons as follows;

Sagging caused by the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin with aging,

Sagging that occurs due to the fact that the breast, which is too large in size, cannot carry this weight,

Breast size is larger than normal during postpartum breastfeeding period. With the end of the breastfeeding period, the breast form returns to its former size, but sagging that occurs due to the loss of its former tension.

Sagging that occurs as a result of gaining and losing a large amount of weight several times.

Breast lift operations (breast lift) are usually performed together with breast reduction surgery. The reason for this is that while the already large breast is reduced, it is also lifted up so that a result proportional to the body can be obtained.

Before deciding for breast lift surgery, you should definitely talk to your surgeon about the result you expect and take this decision accordingly. Because such operations vary from person to person. The patient’s age, weight and even height are among the factors.

Breast lift surgery takes approximately 3.5 – 4 hours. Of course, this period may be extended if it will be applied in other operations together with the surgery. After the operation, the healing process begins to show itself in about a week. In the meantime, you can return to your work and social life, but you will need to use the recommended special bra for at least a month.


This bra is similar to the bras used by athletes and keeps your breasts firmly in place without moving. This bra plays an important role in completing your recovery process as soon as possible and in a positive way.