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The Ideal Seasons for Breast Aesthetic Surgeries and Aesthetic Surgery in Antalya

The Ideal Seasons for Breast Aesthetic Surgeries and Aesthetic Surgery in Antalya

Breast aesthetic surgeries can be performed in different seasons depending on personal preferences and climatic conditions. In general, plastic surgery can be performed safely in all seasons. However, autumn and winter are among the preferred periods, especially for those living in regions with a warm climate, such as Antalya.

Why Autumn and Winter?

Since the weather is cooler in autumn and winter, patients’ post-operative comfort increases. Since the use of a corset bra is recommended after breast enlargement, breast reduction and lift surgeries, using a corset in hot weather may be difficult for patients.

In the summer months, patients may have difficulty complying with post-operative restrictions because they are generally more active.

Breast Aesthetic Requests in Antalya

Individuals living in hot regions such as Antalya generally increase their demand for surgery in the autumn and winter months. During this period, weather conditions allow patients to have a more comfortable recovery process.

Infection Risk and Controls

After breast aesthetic surgeries, regular follow-up and checks should be provided by an experienced and reliable team to minimize the risk of infection for patients. This is important to optimize the post-operative recovery process.

Although autumn and winter months are preferred in hot climate regions such as Antalya, breast aesthetic surgeries can be performed safely in other seasons as well.


Individuals who will undergo breast aesthetic surgery should exercise caution during the postoperative recovery period and act in accordance with the recommendations of experts. MD Dr. You can get a reliable aesthetic experience by contacting an experienced plastic surgeon like Feridun Elmas.


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