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Oi̇l Removal (Liposucti̇on) Surgery

Oi̇l Removal (Liposucti̇on) Surgery

Known faults about oil removal (liposuction) surgery.


Liposuction, that is, surgical fat removal, is the operation of shaping these areas by removing the fat in certain parts of the body with the help of certain devices. Today, with the increase in demand for plastic surgeries, it is seen that the rate of individuals wanting results beyond their expectations has increased. With the fat removal process, people think that only fat removal will eliminate their weight, sagging, etc. problems.


First of all, liposuction surgery is a shaping operation. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a surgery performed to lose weight. In liposuction surgeries, the maximum amount of fat that can be taken according to the physical condition of the patient is limited. Exceeding these limits increases the rate of negative situations that may occur during and after the operation. These surgeries are not suitable for overweight patients and are ideal for areas where adipose tissue accumulation does not decrease despite weight loss after sports or diet. Thus, a suitable shape is given to the body of the person.


Liposuction surgery is also not an alternative to stretching surgeries that have sagging skin and require removal of the skin and tightening of the underlying structures. For example, performing liposuction on a patient who needs a tummy tuck may not improve the situation, but may make it worse. For this reason, although stretching surgeries can be combined with liposuction surgeries, it may not be sufficient for a solution alone.


Even if regional thinning is achieved after this surgery, if the person does not pay attention to his form and continues to gain weight, the number of fat cells in the area where the fat is removed will decrease, so the fat that needs to be accumulated will accumulate in other parts of the body where liposuction is not performed and may cause the person’s appearance to look worse. Therefore, the person needs to maintain their form after this surgery.


Finally, the opinion that cellulite, especially on the legs, can only be removed by liposuction is one of the known mistakes. Cellulite is a connective tissue disorder that occurs in the subcutaneous tissues. In the correction of this situation, surgical separation of subcutaneous adhesions with micro scissors or device-based methods such as vacuum, laser, and vaser can be used. However, liposuction alone is not a treatment alternative to correct this situation


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